We buy from many sources – one great source is our neighbors here in North Idaho. Often we buy furniture and other household decor and items of interest from folks who are moving, redecorating, combining households or just trying to simplify. If you have some items you want to sell, you may contact us either through this website or by calling the store. Preference is to send email with pictures.

Since each situation is different, contact us and we’ll work it out. We do NOT pay top dollar – we are a reseller and must cover our costs of doing business. We DO pay immediately and are able to pick up furniture.

It is helpful if you know what you’d like to get for your things. If you are hoping to get top dollar, we recommend you place ads and try to sell it yourself first. You will always be able to get more money selling to an individual who is buying for themselves than from us (or anyone who must mark up the item to sell it again).

If you’re ready to sell, just call the store at 208-773-4110.